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Switch's hidden Golf game is a touching tribute to Iwata

20 Septembre 2017

As SwitchBrew points out, there is additional Switch criteria that needs to be met for this Easter Egg to be revealed, and so far no one has been able to figure out exactly what those are.

Oh Nintendo, eternal purveyors of childlike euphoria and public-GameStop-meltdown-inducing supply shortages, we here at The Loop see your latest winking, willfully obtuse little trick and we applaud you. Why? For starters, your console must be on the initial firmware version (1.0.0) and be set to July 11. Unfortunately, on July 11, 2015, Iwata passed away from complications resulting from a bile duct tumor he had had removed a year before. On that day, you'll have to do Iwata's iconic "Direct" gesture where you to unlock the title. I'm not sure why he did this (if it represents something), but that is certainly a way to pay tribute to his quirky personality. But if your Switch has never been online, that internal clock syncs itself to what's been user-specified in the settings, which means you can simply hop into the Switch's settings and dial back the clock to July 11. Secondly, why Golf and not something else? However, after connecting to the Internet for the first time, the Switch synchs and caches the actual time, so you can't fib to it on that front.

Justin Epperson, senior associate producer at game localization company 8-4 (which recently worked on Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia for the Nintendo 3DS), said on Twitter that Japanese internet users are referring to the hidden copy of Golf as an omamori - Japanese charms that can be bought at shrines and religious sites that give owners luck and protection. Nintendo hasn't confirmed or commented on the game's presence, but there's a very touching theory as to what this is all about. You can check out the process in this video from fire3element.

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I know Nintendo has hidden weird secrets in its consoles before, but this is really on a whole different level.

We all owe this man great respect for what he has done for the gaming industry in his lifetime. "I booted the unopened Switch up, did the setup procedure, and made a decision to try it out the gesture which was posted", he explained over e-mail.

Switch's hidden Golf game is a touching tribute to Iwata