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Apple Music app for Android gets "OK Google" support

20 Septembre 2017

On Tuesday, Apple launched a new iteration of Apple Music for Android.

The new version of the app is 2.2.0 and it is available at the Google Play Store. It is also created to bring some features of the iOS app and other enhancements to its Android counterpart.

Apple Music has been slowly, but subtly updating its Android version ever since its introduction as rival to Google Play and Spotify on Android. Users can rely on Google's virtual assistant to follow voice commands for searching and playing songs, albums, artists and Beats 1, as per Engadget. It adds options for social profiles and more sharing possibilities. With the new update, Apple Music will now be handed with additional features including profile creation and support for voice commands.

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Apple on Monday updated the app with a bunch of new features, including user profiles and "Ok Google" support.

There's now a "Recently Played" widget that joins the previous one for playback controls. That's by long-pressing on your keyboard to access Apple Music. The "Recently played" widget for Apple Music can now be enabled on your home screen to start music right from the home screen without entering the app. You also have the option to ask your Android phone to play Beats 1 radio, so you have plenty of options, depending on your mood. In effect, the widget provides users quick home screen access to the songs they want to listen to, according to Apple Insider.

Apple Music app for Android gets