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Mobile to reportedly increase deprioritization threshold to 50GB

19 Septembre 2017

But lest you think that T-Mobile plans to increase their threshold every quarter, they won't spoil you that easily. But the networks have forced the terminology on us, to the point that any plan that doesn't cut you off when you hit a limit is "unlimited". AT&T and Verizon offer a 22GB monthly limit, while Sprint has a slightly better offer (23GB), so they're pretty far from what T-Mobile will soon offer to its customers.

Starting tomorrow, September 20th, T-Mobile's deprioritization threshold will increase to 50GB. T-Mobile calls this its “Fair Usage Threshold”. TmoNews also reported that it has a source who confirmed the new 50GB limit. T-Mobile recently caused a stir once again by offering free Netflix to T-Mobile ONE customers on a family plan. T-Mobile suggests that this limit only impacts the "top 3% of data users", so most customers will never see "reduced speeds due to prioritization".

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Well, free Netflix subscriptions mean increased data consumption, so naturally, the Un-carrier has chose to increase its unlimited throttling limit to 50 GB. It means your speeds will potentially nosedive if you're trying to use a congested tower at peak times (say, rush hour outside a train station), but should remain high if no one else is using the network. T-Mobile likely has no doubt that it can handle the extra capacity.

Mobile to reportedly increase deprioritization threshold to 50GB