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Europe's destiny could be determined by German election

19 Septembre 2017

"In this respect, it is not a part of Germany", he said.

Setting out conditions days before the Sept 24 federal elections that Dr Merkel is nearly certain to win, albeit short of an absolute majority, the Free Democratic Party (FDP) also ruled out partnering her conservatives if she supported French plans to deepen fiscal integration in the euro zone. Moving to the centre is the centre-right liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP).

He demanded, however, that all German mosques and Muslim communities register with the German authorities and reveal their sources of income to prevent the situation in which mosques are run by organizations "threatening the German constitutional order" and are funded by foreign powers seeking to exert its influence on Germany or terrorist organizations such as Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL).

The outgoing grand coalition has governed Germany competently, but too many left-right pacts are bad for democracy.

In 1994, Schulz won a seat in the European Parliament, where he gradually worked his way to prominence.

With practically all German parties paying campaign money to Google, Facebook and Twitter, this is the first time that US internet companies are playing such a central role during the German election. So, if a party gets 20% of the national vote it gets 20% of the party seats, being 59 seats.

Watch for whichever party comes in third place after the CDU and SPD, because it could mean the Christian Democrats have a chance to team up with a new coalition partner. But at the same time the government has to balance this with Germany's reliance on Russian energy supplies and the left's reluctance to take an overtly critical line towards Moscow. Parties with similar political aims join together and strike deals to support each other because there is no single majority victor. Now polling around 8%, and having all-but ruled out a "three-way coalition' with the CDU/CSU and the FDP, it is expected to look to back a SPD-led left-wing bloc coalition or join them in opposition".

What hurt the Free Democrats in the last German national election was the perception that they were lapdogs of their preferred coalition partners, the conservative CDU-CSU under Merkel.

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For many, Mrs Merkel's re-election could herald a new era of cooperation across the continent.

The "Jamaica coalition" - so called because of the parties' respective black, green and yellow colours - would suit the current leader best.

Mr Schulz's best hope is of a strong performance from the left, which could earn him enough seats to partner in a three-way coalition with the Greens.

The AfD's potential success at the polls this weekend is a major shift for Germany, highlighting how deeply populist far-right movements have engrained themselves in European politics even as they fail to actually win elections.

How does the German electoral system work? As the party is now only polling 37% of the vote (which will be proportionally represented in the Bundestag, due to Germany's AMS voting system), it will need to partner with another smaller party in order to form government. Power is, therefore, more distributed than in a "first-past-the-post" system, as is the case in the UK.

With a week to go until a general election, the "dieselgate" emissions cheating scandal has emerged as a top campaign issue and cast a shadow over the glitzy motor show.

Despite the often vicious public disagreements in the party's leadership style, the AfD continuously rammed home its anti-immigration and anti-Islam message, insisting that Merkel's 2015 decision to give security and shelter to one million refugees-the majority from Syria and Iraq-was wrong for Germany and wrong for Europe. The departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union will make Germany even more dominant in the future, something which worries most of its partners, who until now have relied on the United Kingdom to provide some kind of balance of power in the EU.

Europe's destiny could be determined by German election