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Manchin: Bipartisan Meeting With Trump Featured Tax, Infrastructure Talk

17 Septembre 2017

House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said an outline of a plan would be unveiled during the work week beginning September 25, with congressional tax-writing committees crafting detailed legislation in the subsequent weeks.

"At the end of the day, I looked at talking to President Trump, I saw in him a real comfort and a whole demeanor that was easy and comfortable", Manchin said of the meeting.

Vice President Mike Pence had promoted the tax plan at the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce's Business Summit about two weeks ago, saying, "cutting taxes is the single most important thing we can do to restore jobs".

But legislators have not said what tax breaks they plan to eliminate to offset the revenue lost from steep tax rate cuts, which some economists have said could reduce government receipts by more than $5 trillion over 10 years. The as-yet-undrafted bill to overhaul the tax code is the top priority for Trump and Republicans after the collapse of their effort to dismantle Barack Obama's health care law.

"Look, we ran on tax reform".

One possibility is that he threw every tax plan we've seen to date in the trash and chose to cut out tax cuts for the rich, especially for the pass-through corporations that allow those with tax professionals' help to incorporate and get the lower 15 percent - or whatever it turns out to be - corporate tax rate.

♦ They pulled it off because from the beginning, the Reagan administration agreed that tax reform should not be used as a subterfuge to either increase the deficit or to shift the tax burden away from the wealthy.

Manchin says he does not expect the plan would target popular tax deductions for mortgage interest and charitable giving.

First, they still don't have a bill, and generally speaking, it's hard to pass a bill unless you have a bill in the first place.

Trump has proposed lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent, while House GOP leaders believe a rate in the low- to mid-20s is more politically viable.

But no policymakers have gone as far as the Tax Policy Center did in its study, measuring the impact of throwing out hundreds of tax breaks, including subsidies for research, alternative energy, fossil fuels and domestic manufacturing.

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U.S. President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress would have a hard time slashing the corporate tax rate to below 26 percent, even if they eliminated almost every business tax preference, according to a study released on Wednesday.

"That's what I would expect him to do, take a symbolic but ineffective step", Rosenthal said.

Ryan said, "There is no agreement". Democrats have been adamant in their opposition to the wall, but Pelosi indicated Tuesday she would be open to new border security measures of some kind as part of a deal.

KELLY: What is the major sticking point if you had to point to one?

Trump met with bipartisan members of Congress on Wednesday afternoon to try to garner support for his tax plan.

BRADY: So I think we're getting very close.

Asked what his message was to skeptical conservatives who worry he is cozying up to Democrats, Trump said: "I'm a conservative, and I will tell you I'm not skeptical. Now it might not work out".

Back in February, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he expected "very significant" tax reform to be passed before Congress's August recess.

HORSLEY: In an interview with The Associated Press today, House Speaker Ryan refused to guarantee the GOP tax plan would not add to the deficit.

Topping the immediate agenda, however, is a debt-financed drive to overhaul the tax code. "Pretty much where they are".

Manchin: Bipartisan Meeting With Trump Featured Tax, Infrastructure Talk