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Koala goes on 16km ride attached to axle of auto

17 Septembre 2017

The female koala, who has been named Kelli, had climbed into the wheel of a vehicle for shelter unbeknownst to the driver.

A terrified koala clung on to a car's axle for dear life for 10 miles after it climbed into the wheel arch.

The driver was unaware of the koala clinging to his wheel throughout the 10-mile journey through Adelaide until he stopped his auto after being flagged down by other motorists.

He checked the vehicle and found the little creature terrified.

"I suspect the fireys may have used some very subtle engineering, but anyhow, the wheel came off", Mr Bigham said.

"I could also smell burning fur", she told 7 News.

"Kelli's one of our fine station officers and she led the rescue crew that day and she was quite excited to have such a good outcome", said Dave Juniper of the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service.

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Ms Brister said the six-year-old koala was crying from distress, nearly as if she was "telling me about it".

'She had a lot of knocks on her upper back which is a sign a joey was clinging to her back, ' Ms Brister said.

"The female was in shock for 48-hours that followed, anxious and hyper vigilant", Ms Brister recalled once she had taken the koala home.

"After everything she went through, she lost her joey as well".

The swift acting wildlife officer climbed under the auto equipped with a head torch.

It became stuck in the car's grille and was not discovered until 10km later when the driver arrived home.

"Once we got the wheel off she was very frightened. The koala was sitting up there somewhere and I think that one was okay as well".

Koala goes on 16km ride attached to axle of auto