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HEAVILY Apple Watch 3 with LTE Lands Alongside iPhone X

17 Septembre 2017

P.S.: I made that image of the Apple Watch with magenta background in Pixelmator.

Today's the day that T-Mobile began taking pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 3, the first Apple Watch with built-in LTE connectivity. After 3 months, service is $10/month with AutoPay. Thanks to a new W2 chip strengthening the battery, Apple Watches can now work with cellular. The first only has a Global Positioning System chip, but the second has the Global Positioning System chip and cellular connectivity. It's fast enough to check emails and get texts or calls, but slow enough to make everything else a pain. The ability to stream music is coming to your waterproof watch, too.

The three latest devices from the house of Apple are live and up for pre-orders now in many countries including U.S, but Apple fans here in India are eagerly waiting for it to land in India.

However, the battery life is still something you'll need to monitor. Something like a Siri query - probably the thing you want to do the most on your Watch - will take way longer, as data has to be uploaded to the server and the response returned.

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MacRumors first noticed earlier this morning that T-Mobile will throttle the Apple Watch Series 3 to 3G speeds, capping out at 512kb/s on its network. Apple Watch's third series will launch a week later, on September 22. This is a positive, as the new Apple Watches are still compact and comfortable to wear. He also noted the addition of a number pad to dial phone numbers.

Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus has a new design which some people may found interesting while for some it is just a gimmick as the rear panel of the two has been constructed using glass, which we have already seen on phones like Xiaomi Mi6.

Both devices featured with wireless charging, and come with 64GB and 256GB.

HEAVILY Apple Watch 3 with LTE Lands Alongside iPhone X