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Deshaun Watson is the Texans' 9th starting quarterback since 2014

17 Septembre 2017

One of the few upsides of the Thursday night game is that teams who played poorly the week before get a quick chance to redeem themselves. That's more turnover at the most important position in the league than any team in the NFL, including the Cleveland Browns, in the same stretch of time.

The NFL Network first reported that Ross would likely play vs. the Texans on Thursday.

The game itself wasn't pretty, but Watson showed enough grit to earn himself another start.

O'Brien understands the challenges of playing a rookie quarterback - he said all through the offseason, even before the Texans gave up two first-round picks to trade up and draft Watson, how hard it is to start at quarterback as a rookie - and he elected to go with Savage as the starter entering the regular season.

Watson was happy to get the victory in his first start, but knows that he has much more work to do for the Texans to continue to be successful.

These are the types of offensive performances that scream at you to start the opposing defense/special teams squad. He missed most of last season with a back injury. The Texans faced a 3rd and 15 when Watson would take off and run for 49-yards and the touchdown with just 0:50 seconds left in half.

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Watson also rushed twice for 16 yards, and his mobility and running ability probably weighed heavily into O'Brien's decision. "It's something that you're constantly working with the quarterbacks on and we still work on it and always will". Some people thought the decision would doom Watson to failure. Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson moved Houston to their own 44.

Both teams will go in search of their first win of the season, having lost their respective season-opening games on Sunday.

Cincinnati would get their first down at the end of the first quarter when quarterback Andy Dalton hit AJ Green for 50-yards down to Houston's 14-yard line.

It's clear the Texans have to stick with Watson in 2017. Who knows - they've already cut down on commercials, maybe they'll actually listen to players and fans, and decide to stop with this? He gets volume, and the Ravens did rack up 157 rushing yards on Cincy last week, though on a measly 3.7 average per carry. Probably not. At best, he can help Houston get into the postseason. The unit was the best in the business without him past year.

Recently signed cornerback Marcus Burley and rookie Treston Decoud stepped in with Joseph and Johnson out. He's not going to fold under pressure.

Deshaun Watson is the Texans' 9th starting quarterback since 2014