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British Airways plane evacuated in security threat at Paris airport

17 Septembre 2017

Flight BA303 was due to take off at 07.45am for London Heathrow.

Security officers surrounded the plane as it was held on the tarmac at Charles de Gualle airport at around 7.45am.

A British Airways flight due to leave Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport on Saturday morning has been evacuated and held on the tarmac for a security reason, according to airport officials. We will all be led off the aircraft and baggage searched in due course. That's when we noticed police and fire vehicles quickly surround the plane and dozens of armed officers and firefighters got out.

After an initial search was given the all clear, passengers are being put through X-rays and body scanners by armed officers.

One person on board said the security incident was apparently sparked by an individual making a "direct threat" to flight BA 303 to Heathrow Airport. "Now hold luggage being searched by dogs".

Speaking to the Daily Star Online, Mr Anderson said: "Initially the pilot told us there were technical issues".

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"We were then told the aircraft had to move to another part of the airport".

Amichai Stein reported on Twitter that passengers and luggage have now been cleared.

'The pilot then said there had been a direct security threat involving our flight specifically.

Following the alleged security threat, a British Airways spokesman said the safety and security of customers and crew is "always top priority".

She added: "Additional security checks are being carried out as a precaution". 'We would never operate a flight unless it is safe to do so'.

The arrest is "very significant" and the terror threat level remains "critical", Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said.

British Airways plane evacuated in security threat at Paris airport