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Bill Maher to the federal government: Back off An error occurred

17 Septembre 2017

Red Velvet was mentioned briefly by Bill Maher on the September 15 airing of his HBO show ' Real Time with Bill Maher'. They can't grouse about California cities threatening to deny contracts to any firm that helps build the border wall. They also "can't complain when our local law enforcement refuses to cooperate with [President Donald] Trump's deportation squad".

In reality, the late-night comedian explained, liberals are "just following in long and hallowed conservative tradition called states' rights".

"Mississippi didn't like what Attorney General Bobby Kennedy was doing in the '60's", Maher said. From gender-inclusive bathrooms to solar panels, those "agitators with their Make America Great Again caps" best leave California's way of life alone. "Well, we got good people here and sometimes we just want to sit on our porch and watch our grass grow".

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The artwork, named Civilian Drone Strike, depicts drones destroying a child-like drawing of a house while a little girl and her dog watch on in horror.

Maher pointed out that the script has flipped from the 1960s, when Alabama Gov. George Wallace physically blocked the door of the University of Alabama to prevent black students from enrolling. Jerry Brown favors a separate climate treaty between his state and China "in defiance of the federal government", Maher launched into an extended bit about liberals finally getting the chance to tell the feds to keep its hands off. It's "liberal states that are under siege from federal overreach". "We believe in sanctuary cities, and pollution controls, and legalized pot, and gun control, and Obamacare, and a woman's right to choose and we're going to defend them".

"We da rebels now!" he declared, doing the rest of his monologue in an over-the-top Southern accent.

Bill Maher to the federal government: Back off An error occurred