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Halimah Yacob sworn-in as Singapore's 8th President

15 Septembre 2017

Halimah Yacob (centre) takes the oath of office while flanked by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon during the presidential inauguration ceremony at the Istana Presidential Palace in Singapore September 14, 2017.

"I look forward to the day when we will no longer need to have reserved elections, and Singaporeans naturally and regularly elect citizens of all races as presidents", she added.

With Halimah Yacob strolling straight into the highest office in the land as the country's new president, folks have pointed out the similarities Singapore shared in the election process to a certain country that also has its leader unanimously "voted" on by its people.

"We expect our head of state to be a unifying figure, but we must also do our part to help the President succeed".

Mdm Halimah’s favourite hair salon
Mdm Halimah’s favourite hair salon

In this election, there were no other contenders for the position.In her first speech as president, Halimah addressed the racial tensions that have sprung up as a result of the process and vowed to be president of all Singaporeans "regardless of race, language or religion".

"Expressing expectation that the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries would grow stronger on the principle of respect for sovereignty and mutual benefits, the message sincerely wished the Singaporean president success in her work for the prosperity of the country".

"Halimah did not dream of being a President but will serve with full heart now that she is".

"I have no doubt that she will gain the respect and support of the people as a humble, down-to-earth and honest President with a big heart for all, regardless of status, wealth, abilities, race or religion".

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Halimah Yacob sworn-in as Singapore's 8th President