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Wolf Votes to Ban Fracking in Delaware River Basin

14 Septembre 2017

The Delaware River Basin Commission is inching closer to banning natural gas drilling and "fracking".

The Delaware watershed supplies Philadelphia and half of New York City with drinking water.

Yes votes from Pennsylvania, Delaware, and NY.

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"Expanding and implementing this ban on fracking and fracking activities is crucial for the residents of New York", stated Heather Leibowitz Director of Environment New York.

The DRBC will hold a public meeting to consider the resolution on September 13, 2017. None of the other commissioners commented. The revised draft regulations would also include provisions for ensuring the safe and protective storage, treatment, disposal or discharge of hydraulic fracturing-related wastewater where permitted and provide for the regulation of inter-basin transfers of water and wastewater for purposes of natural gas development where permitted.

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Il tempo della contrattazione, infatti, si sta per esaurire e il nervosismo non è mai stato così alto. Quello che è possibile stimare, sono i costi dello sciopero odierno.

"The frackers get our clean water and we get a Superfund site back".

Steven Tambini, the commission's executive director, urged critics to withhold judgment until they see the regulations. If the majority votes to do so, staff then would issue the proposed regulations by November 30, kicking off a public comment process.

"You don't know what the rules are going to say yet, so take it easy", he said. Tambini anticipated that a final vote could take place next year. This vote approved initial measures as part of a lengthy process to ban drilling and fracking.

Wolf's office said the resolution calls for "promulgating regulations that would prohibit any water project in the Delaware River Basin proposed for developing oil and gas resources by high-volume hydraulic fracturing". "Over the last decade since this battle started, one thing has become crystal clear: the industry has shown that they are either unable or unwilling to comply with basic, common sense environmental laws and safeguards, and that they are unable to frack without chronically polluting, putting our environment and health at extreme risk, and even breaking the law".

The Delaware River Basin Commission will consider setting in motion new regulations on hydraulic fracturing in the Delaware River and its watershed at its quarterly meeting Wednesday morning.

Business and industry groups blasted Wednesday's commission vote.

Wolf Votes to Ban Fracking in Delaware River Basin