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Sinead O'Connor is 'fed up' with being called insane

14 Septembre 2017

"Mental illness, it's a bit like drugs, it doesn't give a s- who you are", the singer continued.

Discussing her relationship with her mother, who she has accused of abusing her as a child, O'Connor said she hated her for "kicking me, telling me I'm evil and shouldn't be born", but added: "I hate not being able to love her, not being able to have taken care of her and maybe given her some love back..."

The Irish singer was speaking to the television host about her mental health after fans grew anxious after she posted an emotional video in which she revealed she has been suicidal. If I was going to be successful, I wanted it to be because I was a good musician.

Davitt admitted to Dr. Phil that she has tried to commit suicide eight times in the past year.

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The clip soon got the attention of authorities, who after seeing the video did a welfare check on the singer at the $70-a-night Travelodge where she was staying in New Jersey. "She didn't want me", O'Connor, 50, told McGraw. "For those who are hurt by people slagging me off off for name change... f-k 'em all". According to Sinead, her mother not only physically abused her but sexually abused her as well.

"We in Ireland knew about 10 years before you all did about child abuse within the Catholic Church and we had evidence", she told McGraw. "Although I'm not sure I believe in such things", the Nothing Compares 2 U hitmaker told Dr. Phil. Calling it a "very odd thing to come to mind", she admitted, "I miss her horribly".

Phil said Sinead reached out to him, and that he offered to privately put her up at the Milestones at Onsite facility, where she's now receiving treatment (a facility she has recently criticized), but that she was adamant about coming on the show. The interview was candid and raw and Sinead is one celebrity who has revealed more about her personal life and struggles than most other people in the spotlight combined ever admit to. "I hoped in my kidney stone madness that my family would see it and go, 'Oh my God, we didn't realize it's that bad". "I didn't talk to her for about nine months. But I cannot wait the day that I naturally get to Heaven so I can see my mother again". "And that's kind of pathetic", she claimed at the time. "She beat the s*** out of me, took the light bulb out of the room, locked me in there and left [with everyone] for the weekend", O'Connor stated.

Sinead O'Connor is 'fed up' with being called insane