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Sean Spicer, Chelsea Manning join list of Harvard fellows

14 Septembre 2017

Former press secretary Sean Spicer is having a banner day: first, in the morning Harvard University named him one of their new visiting fellows, then, in the evening, he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! defending so-called "alternative facts" and President Trump. Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer impression was brilliant because through his character she could say anything; the real deal, on the other hand, can still only parrot praise for this administration and caution us all to be more tolerant of it, specifically of the lies it tries passing off as anti-establishment heroics.

The ABC host then quizzed Spicer on accusations that he fudged the size of the inauguration crowd when Trump took office. A lot of people, in the media in particular, constantly sought to undermined the validity of that election'.

Spicer also addressed President Trump's frequent social media posting habits, saying there were times were he may "have wanted to go to bed", only to notice a new Trump tweet and think: "This is going to be a longer night".

When pressed on some of the more uncomfortable tasks he was faced with - including after the inauguration when he famously said the audience was the biggest ever, despite photographic evidence to the contrary - Spicer laughed and told Kimmel he didn't need any help remembering.

After a brief clip from the sketch show was aired, Spicer could be heard chuckling and joking as an aside, "it costed me, like, a lot of money in therapy". "Do you think that is what got you off to kind of a bad start with the press corp?"

While the tone of the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" interview was pleasant, Kimmel did put Spicer on the spot a few times while talking about the six months he spent working for President Donald Trump, especially on the topic of inauguration crowd size.

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Spicer ended his appearance stating that Trump does want to be President.

"Your job as press secretary is to represent the president's voice", Spicer explained. "And to make sure you are articulating what he believes ... whether or not you agree with him is not your job".

"I don't think it's right to relish in someone else's problems", Spicer said. "When these guys in the press corps go after the president, from the outside it creates a very poor relationship overall and I think there are some areas that could deserve a reset", he said.

The company in its announcement said its clients "around the world will benefit from the same candor, wit and insight that Spicer brought to the White House briefing room".

However, he said it bothered him that the press corps would "protect themselves" and "not call out someone who has crossed the line on a story".

Sean Spicer, Chelsea Manning join list of Harvard fellows