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Principale » Samsung showcases its to-be-released Galaxy Note 8

Samsung showcases its to-be-released Galaxy Note 8

14 Septembre 2017

Apple might be steering clear of making announcements and pushing out controlled leaks on days when rivals have new products to debut, other companies aren't always so kind.

Assuming Apple had not missed any launch and if the company wanted to celebrate its tenth anniversary with a new launch as well then that would have led to the introduction of three new versions of iPhones, namely, iPhone 8, iPhone 9 and the iPhone X in the market. The iPhone (coupled with the App Store, which came a year later in 2008), didn't just redefine a category; it created it. They can try to undercut the iPhone X, ridicule it or simply ignore it and accept its inevitable prevalence, settling for a still-profitable silver medal, bronze, and so forth. Maybe Tim Cook wants to have an air of positivity around Apple events.

Suppliers such as Verizon and T-Mobile will provide 24-month deals, which will shave the overall iPhone X price, while admittedly tying consumers into long-term contracts.

First there's the screen, because in a year when mobile manufacturers have shown there's more to mobiles than the necessity of frames and bezels, Apple is joining up. The series has made a comeback with some impressive featuresafter Samsung's disastrous recall of its previous Galaxy Note 7 model. Now that I am the CEO leading the AI speaker project so I have to do the work properly. The placement of infrared dots suggests this is a 3D method of facial scanning, which means it shouldn't be fooled by photos or faces on a screen since it's looking for depth, and also suggests it should function quite well in the dark.

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The newest iPhone is set to be introduced to the public officially on Tuesday local time in the US, just three days before the Galaxy Note 8 is released and shipped to those who pre-ordered. On the front is an 8-megapixels selfie camera with Auto Focus and f/1.7 aperture. Moreover, the phone will be IP68 certified - dust and water resistant. It's one of those things that is typically Apple that no one else does, and our guess is reliant on that infrared Face ID technology Apple is talking up. The iPhone X, as it was rumored previously, will sell for $999.

The iPhone X naming helps position the device above the regular iPhone 8 without explicitly labeling it "iPhone 10", because most people are simply going to call it the iPhone X and not pronounce it as iPhone ten. The software changes aren't as intuitive in iOS as they are in Android (even if you do prefer the look of no software buttons), and the use of a Super AMOLED display is certainly nothing new.

Plans will be available from telcos, that much you can be assured of, but availability is a ways off, with pre-orders from October 27 and availability the following week on November 3.

Samsung showcases its to-be-released Galaxy Note 8