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Paul Walker's Daughter Shares Heartfelt Message On His Birthday

14 Septembre 2017

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Along with sharing a photo of herself dancing with her dad, Meadow nominated his Fast & Furious franchise costar Vin Diesel.

Fans took to Twitter Tuesday to share tributes of their own. If you had a pulse in the '90s, no doubt you were either head over heels in love with FPJ or you wanted to be him, mostly for his roles in teen classics such as I Know What You Did Last Summer, Down To You and She's All That - so it's likely that seeing him cry will still cut deep.

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As tragic as Paul's passing was, Meadow's desire to carry on her father's legacy and help make this world a better place is truly commendable. They each left a package of Red Vines, and his uncle included a note about time, healing, and this: "Miss you f***er!"

But as the Star Wars: Rebels actor opened up about the 90s film, which anniversary, his eyes began to water as he reminisced the golden days of his budding friendship with Paul.

"When Paul came in to audition, I didn't have cast approval, but I had what they called consultation", he remembered. "I knew Paul was the right guy, and when he finished the audition, I asked if I could excuse myself to go to the bathroom", Freddie shared with Us Weekly. I ran outside to where his vehicle was parked. "I heard, years later, after he passed away, that he had told his brother and his mom that story", Prinze Jr. continued. (I said), 'They're gonna offer you $25,000, they have $75 in the budget. "I want to share that part of him with others".

Paul Walker's Daughter Shares Heartfelt Message On His Birthday