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National Football League files appeal of Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott's preliminary injunction

14 Septembre 2017

Another NFL season has begun.

The league is under increasing public pressure to deal with athlete misconduct, especially for domestic violence, but that doesn't mean the NFL can skip basic due process.

Elliott, who is entering his second season in the National Football League, is coming off one of the most successful rookie seasons by a running back in National Football League history. Elliott claimed complete innocence, and the league stated there was sufficient evidence for them to move forward with impunity. Despite the allegations, Elliott was never arrested nor charged with a crime. Prosecutors in Columbus, Ohio, decided about a year ago not to pursue the case in the city where Elliott starred for Ohio State, citing conflicting evidence. Prosecutors in OH didn't pursue the case, citing conflicting evidence.

Elliott has denied the accusations, and his legal defense team has stated the National Football League used improper procedures to come to their final decision of a six-game suspension. That is the league's baseline suspension for, according to its policies, "violations involving assault, battery, domestic violence, dating violence, child abuse, other forms of family violence, or sexual assault, with consideration given to possible mitigating or aggravating circumstances". He had another 36 yards receiving in the opener against the Giants as the Cowboys beat the NFC East rival that swept them last season. The backlash caused from the release of video essentially ended Rice's career. As always, please feel free to use the comment section at the end of this article to express your own opinions or thoughts.

One game. Not six games.

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"He is a natural leader and has such a command of the offense, and you saw that really throughout the ball game, whether we were in no-huddle or just playing from the huddle at a normal tempo", Garrett said.

If there was any question that Stefon Diggs and Sam Bradford would continue to have great chemistry entering the 2017 season, that got put to bed in the team's 29-19 win over the New Orleans Saints. On Friday, U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant granted Elliott and the NFL Players Association (The Players Union) a temporary restraining order on the suspension, allowing Elliott to play this season while the legal work is sorted out.

It didn't help the NFL's cause when it was caught with its investigative trousers down. Commissioner Roger Goodell has a history of mishandling investigations like this, which only adds to the confusion about who the good guy in all of this is. She testified at the appeal that she didn't think Thompson was credible and didn't support any punishment for Elliott. Roberts recommended no suspension for Elliott.

Brady eventually appealed to the entire Second Circuit, which re-affirmed the panel's initial ruling. It's nitpicking after the Cowboys dominated almost all facets of the game against the Giants, but the veteran backup had only one yard on four carries, production that underscores the importance of Elliott to the Cowboys.

National Football League files appeal of Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott's preliminary injunction