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Kenny Chesney's Island Home Torn Apart by Hurricane Irma

14 Septembre 2017

"When you live in an island community like the Virgin Islands and you see how handsome it is everyday, you become close with a lot of people and they become your extended family", said Chesney. "And this place, these islands have meant so much to me".

Country star Kenny Chesney's home on the U.S. Virgin island of St. John was destroyed by Hurricane Irma.

Upon learning of the devastation in the Virgin Islands, Chesney, 49, created a foundation to help those who lost everything during the hurricane.

"I had 200 miles per hour wind-tested windows throughout my house, and every window in the house just blew out, so these people were really scared", Chesney told Meade.

12 morts en Floride — Irma
Rétrogradée désormais en cyclone post-tropical, Irma devrait apporter de fortes pluies aux Carolines, au Kentucky et au Tennessee. L'archipel des Keys, au sud de la Floride a été totalement ravagé par l'ouragan.

Hanna recounted sheltering in Chesney's home as Irma battered the Virgin Island. "It's really odd to see such a attractive place look like a war zone".

Most of the country has followed the storm on the news and on the internet, but people who live in Florida and the Caribbean islands have dealt with the storm firsthand. "I don't know right now how we're going to do this". He does not specify what the funds will be used for at this time saying, "Give us a few days to figure this out".

On Wednesday night (September 6th), the category 5 hurricane devastated Barbuda, St. Martin and the British Virgin Islands with rain and 180 miles per hour winds. On Monday, Branson announced on the Virgin website that tomorrow he and his team will distribute supplies to those who need it most in conjunction with the local authorities.

While his house was a concern, Chesney was more anxious about the people of his island community.

Kenny Chesney's Island Home Torn Apart by Hurricane Irma