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Celebrity Couple Spends $2M To Protect Surrogate Mother

14 Septembre 2017

Kim and Kanye are splashing out a whopping $2 million to make sure their surrogate can grow their third child in peace and safety, The Sun reports.

According to Sun, the sum of almost $2M have been spent on the security detail of the surrogate mother to guarantee her safety and keep her away from the eyes of the public.

"I mean, this is the last place you would think to find the surrogate for one of the richest families in Hollywood". "It's a nice house, actually, split level, and Kanye has cameras put in everywhere in the house, and outside too, for safety and security". The site claimed the woman "will be surrounded by security staff and even has her own driver to ensure she isn't hassled while out and about". Citing the source, the site said, "There are six security guards on rotation duties, for nine months".

As Radar reported, Kanye, 40, and 36-year-old Kardashian have been sleeping in separate bedrooms, amid what should be the happy news they're expecting a baby via surrogate early next year. $1.9 million to ensure their surrogate's safety. "But of course, it's worth it - they want the best for her and their unborn baby", the source added.

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Now, this latest development is quite conflicting as Kim Kardashian while on an interview with E!

Ever since reports of Kim, who suffered placent accreta (a life-threatening disease) during both her pregnancies, surfaced in June this year, the buzz about the surrogate mother has been rife.

She described rumors being peddled around the subject as invasive, but she hopes to be able to give confirmation at a later time.

Celebrity Couple Spends $2M To Protect Surrogate Mother