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Watch the Best Celebrations from Week 1 Including Stafon Diggs' MNF Show

13 Septembre 2017

The first week hadn't yielded fewer than even five such games since 1976, the year before Tom Brady was born.

Rookie running back Kareem Hunt is an obvious choice for this list. Best to drop him and grab someone else for Week 2.

The shocking loss will raise a few questions about the Patriots. Despite the loss, this is still the most complete roster in the National Football League and they will figure it out shortly.

Locally, the Texans played about as bad as you can play on Sunday and were wiped out by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Savage may have produced horrid stats in the opening half, but it wasn't entirely his fault. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger also faced plenty of pressure and raised questions about the offensive line. If that problem isn't solved fast, it will be another long year for the Texans offensively no matter who they have throwing the football.

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The Cowboys did not roll out tons of points, but what they did do was look phenomenal on defense, beating the division rival New York Giants, 19-3. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot moved the ball nicely behind their stout offensive line as expected, but it was the defense that surprised me the most.

Last week at Dallas, Giants quarterback ELI MANNING started his 200th consecutive game, joining Pro Football Hall of Famer BRETT FAVRE (297) and PEYTON MANNING (208) as the only quarterbacks in NFL history to start at least 200 consecutive games. The Bengals play on Thursday night this week and will likely rely on the running game to carry the offense against Houston. When Odell Beckham returns to the lineup, things could open up for Marshall, but until then expectations for Marshall should be hampered. Dallas strikes the first blow of what I expect to be an extremely competitive fight in the NFC East in 2017. Here's hoping they get back to normal in Week 2.

On top of taking 7 points off of the board early, the referees made a decision to eject cornerback Jeremy Lane from the game for throwing a punch during the exact same play. They essentially took away a starting defender in the opening quarter for absolutely nothing. On the other side, the Packers forced the Seahawks to settle for field goals instead of touchdowns, playing terrific in the red zone and forcing a fumble after the Rogers pick.

The data tells us oddsmakers were hitting it out of the park with their Over/Under lines in Week 1 from 2013 to 2016. There were also some uniquely awful performances, such as the historic stinker put up by Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. The week 2 matchups to keep your eye on include the Vikings at Steelers, the Cowboys at Broncos and the Packers at Falcons.

Watch the Best Celebrations from Week 1 Including Stafon Diggs' MNF Show