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Two cranes collapse in Miami from Irma's howling winds

13 Septembre 2017

A monster Hurricane Irma roared into Florida with 130 miles per hour winds Sunday for what could be a sustained assault on almost the entire Sunshine State, flooding streets, knocking out power to more than 2 million homes and businesses and snapping massive construction cranes over the Miami skyline.

Although the conditions were too unsafe for medical personnel to travel and reach the couple, paramedics helped Kesling safely deliver her baby by offering direction over the phone.

ABC News reached out to Jackson Health System but did not immediately receive a response. She handled everything from delivering the placenta to cutting the umbilical cord on her own.

The unidentified woman in the Little Haiti neighborhood called emergency personnel twice in the early morning, but out of over 40 calls that paramedics and fire crews received that night into early morning, they were only able to respond to four as the category 4 storm made landfall. "Dispatch told her how to tie it off". The project was being developed by New York-based Property Markets Group, according to The Real Deal, a South Florida real estate news website.

The morning after: Three thoughts from Vikings WR Stefon Diggs
The halftime show in an electric environment revolves around Moss and his Ring of Honor induction. They played confident. "Legs are very delicate - injuries happen".

At Jupiter Medical Center in Palm Beach County, the mother must be 38 weeks of gestation and be pre-registered. She did what any courageous woman in her situation would do-delivered the baby, all by herself. We are not evacuating. "The idea behind this belief is that the amniotic sac is like a balloon, and if you lower the external pressure on it, there is an increased risk it can 'pop'".

During hurricanes, mothers give birth at a higher rate because the drop in barometric pressure triggers the rupture of the fluid-filled amniotic sac membrane.

Clark told Romper "There's some studies that show an association and some that don't".

"What we feared the most was the surge", he said on MSNBC.

Two cranes collapse in Miami from Irma's howling winds