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Macron, Johnson visit hurricane-hit Caribbean

13 Septembre 2017

That seems to be because Irma's eye went just a bit north above Antigua, sparing the island the brunt of its devastation, while Barbuda was hit hard, according to Business Insider.

With reports of stranded families, flooded homes and civil unrest following the storm, concerns are growing as survivors now face running out of supplies.

"We've been here since six in the morning and we're still waiting, under a blazing sun", said one woman in a crowd of people hoping to leave as soon as possible.

"We've had three hurricanes and an natural disaster in the same zone at the same time, we've never seen anything like it before", he said, referring to triplet of hurricanes Jose, Katia and Irma and the huge quake in Mexico that killed 96 people.

Sir Alan said: "Over 500,000 British nationals, either residents or tourists, have been in the path of Hurricane Irma, which has caused devastation across an area spanning well over 1,000 miles".

President Donald Trump, a climate-change denier who pulled the USA out of the Paris climate agreement, reportedly had his 11-bedroom mansion on the Caribbean island of St. Martin destroyed by Irma.

Looting and violence have spread across the Caribbean islands that is reeling under Hurricane Irma.

OM: Dugarry implore Evra d'arrêter sa carrière, "le bluff est terminé"
Dugarry, ancien joueur de l'OM, lui a envoyé un message en direct. "Patrice, arrête". Pour d'autre, c'est "un odieux coup de com'" (Ouest-France) bien orchestré.

Irma crawled across Cuba's northern coast, bearing down on the island nation as a Category 5 hurricane. The French have already deployed more than 1000 personnel to the Caribbean region in an aid-and-relief effort.

The hurricane passed over the British territories of Anguilla, Montserrat and the British Virgin Islands on Wednesday night, and the United Kingdom islands of Turks and Caicos on Thursday evening. The tiny dog was later rescued by a local resident who took pity on him. Damage was limited in Puerto Rico, although much of the population of 3.4 million lost electrical power and at least 56,000 were without water. Irma's overall death toll is estimated to be at least 40.

"The prison was breached, over 100 very serious prisoners escaped", he said.

"There is absolutely no news about East End on any of these pages", she wrote. "It's a challenge we must face".

Macron, who is due to visit Saint Barthelemy Wednesday, said he wanted to "disarm" St. Martin.

The EU also announced an initial aid package of $2.4 million for emergency relief.

Radical leftist Jean-Luc Melenchon has called for a parliamentary inquiry and far-right leader Marine Le Pen said the government had left islanders to "fend for themselves".

Macron, Johnson visit hurricane-hit Caribbean