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China to Gas, Diesel Cars: You're Not Welcome Here

13 Septembre 2017

Whereas, Hyundai Motor Co. has begun talks with some of its suppliers for components for electric cars. The quota system, which is due to replace the subsidies for electric vehicles now in place, requires that at least 8% of cars sold by automakers in China in 2018 must be electric, followed by 10% in 2019 and 12% in 2020.

"This is going to be a major challenge but it is one we have to embrace and not duck", Anant Talaulicar, managing director, Cummins India said. More electric charging stations would help eliminate "range anxiety" for drivers and could help boost sales of electric and plug-in hybrids, but some officials worry that utility companies would make all customers pay for a service only used by an elite few.

Chinese government has confirmed that it is working to set a deadline for automakers to end production and sales of fossil-fuel-powered cars in order to accelerate the push into the e-car market.

India's ambitious push towards electrification of all new vehicles by 2030 has been compelling auto part manufacturers and carmakers for sketching up early on plans for the same. I won't seek your suggestions over this.

Border agents south of Tucson find 3 Mexican nationals under van's floorboard
A second smuggling attempt was stopped on Sunday, Sept. 10 after BP agents pulled a 2005 Nissan Maxima for secondary inspection. Border Patrol agents rescued an 18-year-old woman from her alleged kidnapper Friday morning.

The Chinese government is following in the footsteps of countries like India, France, Britain and Norway, which have already announced plans to ditch gas and diesel cars in favor of cleaner vehicles in the coming years.

Electric vehicle sales in India, one of the world's fastest-growing auto markets, are negligible compared with annual sales of over 3 million petrol and diesel cars last fiscal year, according to industry data.

Mahindra & Mahindra is the only electric vehicle maker in India but in a few years it may be joined by Tata Motors which has explored the possibility of building electric cars on its existing platform, managing director Guenter Butschek said.

“We would like to take a fresh look because we will need volumes, ” Srivastava said.

China to Gas, Diesel Cars: You're Not Welcome Here