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Principale » Australian man has given his apricot kernels to prevent prostate cancer

Australian man has given his apricot kernels to prevent prostate cancer

13 Septembre 2017

A Victorian man who gave himself cyanide poisoning from an apricot kernel extract highlights the dangers of some supplementary medicines, doctors say.

He took two teaspoons of the extract and three Novodalin tablets, an herbal fruit kernel supplement.

Despite expressing our concerns regarding the continued consumption of apricot kernel extract and being satisfied that our viewpoint was understood, the patient elected to continue self-administering apricot kernel extract. - the doctors wrote.

That broke even with around 17.23 milligrams of apricot piece remove a day. Doctors suggested the man to discontinue consuming the kernels.

The man's self-endorsed apricot regimen depended on an option solution conviction that apricot portions can anticipate or cure growth.

The man had been ingesting large quantities of apricot kernels, in the belief they could help prevent cancer.

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Luckily, doctors detected the cyanide in his body because there were not any symptoms presented and he visited the hospital for just routine surgery of his prostate cancer. Because the procedure required anesthesia, the doctors noticed low oxygen saturation and high thiocyanate, a byproduct of cyanide break down in the body.

Australia, be that as it may, restricted the offer of apricot bits as sustenance in late 2015.

Headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, vomiting, seizures, loss of consciousness, cardiac arrest and death, usually within a few minutes are the symptoms of dire cyanide poisoning. Chronic, long-term exposure, like the Australian patient, can lead to weakness, paralysis, lesions, nerve damage, and may affect liver and kidney function.

The United Kingdom, Canada and the United States all have maximums on either apricot bit admission of safe levels or cyanide for foodstuffs.

Apricot kernels, along with cherry seeds, peach pits and apple seeds, can release cyanide in the body.


Australian man has given his apricot kernels to prevent prostate cancer