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U.S. softens stance ahead of N. Korea resolution

12 Septembre 2017

It was the ninth sanctions resolution unanimously adopted by the council since 2006 over North Korea's ballistic missile and nuclear programs.

There are now fears Kim Jong-un could respond to the new sanctions with another missile launch or nuclear bomb, as North Korea has previously threatened the USA will pay a "due price" for levying sanctions against them.

The country conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on September 3, detonating a device that it claimed was a hydrogen bomb created to be carried by a long-range missile capable of reaching the US mainland.

Whenever North Korea launches one of its missiles in the Pacific or decides it's going to test a nuclear device, presidents of the United States have traditionally responded by issuing an official White House statement.

In August, a new round of U.S. sanctions banned exports including coal, costing North Korea an estimated $US1bn - about a third of its entire export economy.

However, Elleman said that USA missile sites in Alaska and California, as well as in Japan and South Korea, were likely to be given priority before Europe, when they are ready in 2018.

Russian smugglers are scurrying to the aid of North Korea with shipments of petroleum and other vital supplies that could help that country weather harsh new economic sanctions, United States officials say.

The United States switched on its $800 million European missile defense umbrella in May past year at a site in Romania to protect against Iranian rockets.

Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera said he hoped for a firm United Nations resolution, adding stronger economic penalties might lead to a change in North Korea's behaviour.

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Global pressure on Kim's regime is now at boiling point after it fired a rocket over Japan before testing a hydrogen bomb last week.

The United States and its allies had pushed for new sanctions to increase pressure on North Korea to agree to negotiations.

On the contrary, Russia's plan to de-escalate tensions on the Korean peninsula is to develop trilateral economic initiatives linking South and North Korea to Russian Federation. The current US strategy of "maximum pressure" has failed to curb North Korea's missile testing and did not prevent the sixth nuclear test from taking place.

A UN Security Council resolution needs nine votes in favour and no vetoes by permanent members the US, Britain, France, Russia or China to pass.

DPRK stands for the North's formal name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

It also followed a decision by Mexico last week to expel the North Korean ambassador on its territory.

But after saying last week that North Korea is "begging for war", Haley told the Security Council, "North Korea has not yet passed the point of no return".

The North Korean state media also reported on Sunday that a concert was held at the national theatre in Pyongyang, attended by the leader and his wife Ri Sol-ju, in honour of the scientists and military personnel who were involved in the nuclear test.

U.S. softens stance ahead of N. Korea resolution