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Shorelines drained in eerie effect of Hurricane Irma

12 Septembre 2017

Hurricane Irma is now a Category 4 storm with sustained winds of 130 miles per hour.

In the low-lying Keys, appliances and furniture were seen floating away. No injuries were reported in either case. "Small boats floating down the street next to furniture and refrigerators".

Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi says relief will arrive on a C-130 military plane Monday morning at the Key West International Airport.

According to a likely trajectory pattern, Irmas center will continue to stay near the north coast of Cuba for a few more hours, and “should be near the Florida Keys on Sunday morning, ” announced the Miami-based NHC.

The National Weather Service has issued Tropical Storm and Hurricane warnings for the Big Bend, Southwest Georgia and the Florida Panhandle. "Shingles are coming off".

12pm-5pm Monday: Winds start gusting to tropical storm strength at 30-50 miles per hour, HEAVY rainfall approaches.

Irma, which devastated several Caribbean islands late Tuesday and Wednesday, is forecast to approach south Florida on Friday and then turn northward.

The further it shifts west, the center of the core - where the worse winds are located - will be in the Tampa Bay area, said Meteorologist Dave Osterberg. "But this one scares me", Sally Carlson said as she snapped photos of the waves crashing against boats.

Forecasters said a weakened Irma could push into Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and beyond.

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The figure represents nearly 60% of the state's electricity users, who were still experiencing power outage as of 9 p.m. EDT Monday, according to the state's Division of Emergency Management.

Time is running out for you to put the finishing touches on your preparations for Hurricane Irma.

President Donald Trump approved a disaster declaration for Florida, opening the way for federal aid.

Roche said the system was getting increasingly disorganized.

Scott has called out 7,000 national guard members to the area.

Florida has long dealt with hurricanes, including a stretch of eight hurricanes in two years while Jeb Bush was governor, but Irma's wide reach has proved daunting.

11pm Monday-6am Tuesday: Rain, wind, and an isolated tornado risk will continue but these threats will gradually lower and decrease toward sunrise Tuesday.

Storm surges were largely to blame for the deaths and destruction brought about by Hurricane Katrina (2005). Nelson and Marco Rubio were able to get some of that funding available to handle what is expected to a major cleanup in Florida after Irma hits.

Shorelines drained in eerie effect of Hurricane Irma