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Secretary Kobach To Helm Second Meeting Of Election Panel

12 Septembre 2017

In fact, a 2015 court ruling decided that very question in New Hampshire, finding that you can be eligible to vote in New Hampshire but not be subject to the driver's license residency regulation. "When lawful permanent residents were informed that they were not authorized to vote in the national election, many claimed they were not aware", he said.

"Our election process must be secure, fair and transparent, yet Trump and Kobach are using their sham commission to spread the lie of rampant fraud as a Trojan Horse for voter suppression".

Thousands of same-day registrants, most from MA, illegally voted in the November 8 election in New Hampshire and tipped the state in Hillary Clinton's favor, voter integrity groups say, citing data released by New Hampshire officials.

This theory passed muster with Vice President Pence, who chairs the commission and tweeted an article promoting this conclusion.

If Secretary Kobach wants to add another job to his increasing docket (Secretary of State, self-appointed fraud attorney general, candidate for Governor, fraud commission vice-chair, Radio Host, and now Breitbart columnist), perhaps he can inquire whether the New Hampshire DMV needs extra deputies to track down scofflaws operating on Granite State roadways with illicit CT licenses. And while the commission is in no danger of uncovering any such evidence, putting voters through a background check does sound like an efficient way to suppress the vote. A Washington Post reporter interviewed three people from Kobach's list within 60 minutes who all turned out to be college students who don't have New Hampshire IDs.

"That's not what American democracy is all about", Shaheen said. "It oversimplifies the model to say that there's a direct path to fraud through the driver's license".

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Stephen Koranda is Statehouse reporter for Kansas Public Radio, a partner in the Kansas News Service. But Clarke and other voting rights advocates fear the commission's real goal is to push laws, such as strict ID requirements, that will make it harder for minorities and others to vote.

The Tuesday meeting will be devoted to studying declining public confidence in elections, one of the mandates given the panel by Trump, who has claimed without foundation that millions of fraudulent ballots enabled Hillary Clinton to win the popular vote in November.

Last month, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer of NY compared the commission to the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, and said he would try to eliminate the panel as part of a must-pass bill. This might also include some folks like retirees, who moved to New Hampshire and are no longer driving.

A half-dozen legal challenges have been filed against the commission, which already has had to apologize for not being more transparent in its obligations under open-records laws. Members of the public weren't allowed into the commission's first meeting at the White House, although it was streamed online. Room at Tuesday's meeting is also limited, and there's no time on the agenda for public comment.

Trump has a reliable ally in Kobach, who argued recently in a Breitbart column that in New Hampshire, where Tuesday's meeting will be held, enough people voted illegally to swing the election from Trump to Clinton and the U.S. Senate race from Republican Kelly Ayotte to Democrat Maggie Hassan.

"We really felt that the voter's perspective and the voters experience was the main tenet of our effort and so we needed to hear from the voters in addition to election administration and other experts", says Patrick.

Secretary Kobach To Helm Second Meeting Of Election Panel