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Residents Urged To Monitor Hurricane Jose

12 Septembre 2017

Well to the west of Tropical Storm Irma, the Arklatex experienced another very pleasant day Monday with highs mainly in the low to mid 80s.

Expect some occasional showers in central Virginia on Tuesday and Tuesday night, but not a continuous all-day rainfall.

Irma is no longer a tropical weather system, but widespread rains continue from Tennessee to the Carolinas.

Hurricane Jose continues to spin over the open waters of the Atlantic, and its eventual track remains uncertain.

Irma spawned a handful of tornadoes across Florida on Sunday and threatens to cause more in coastal SC on Monday, but the ingredients for rotating storms probably won't make it all the way into Virginia.

From Wednesday into the weekend, there won't be a lot of drama in the local weather, yet it will fall short of ideal September conditions. Another track shows Jose could even pass near Washington.

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Hurricane Jose is now expected to make a full and complete circle, ultimately redirecting its movement toward the west and closer to the USA east coast.

"Jose is expected to remain between Bermuda and Hispaniola for the next several days but then eventually move westward late this week and then more northward this weekend", Mr Kottlowski said.

We have had three powerful hurricanes over the past week.

It's unclear if Jose would keep going northwest towards the East Coast early next week, or lift northeast again and harmlessly race out to sea.

Given the uncertainty of its path, a rep for the National Hurricane Center says "right now there is no concern for any land" so "no one needs to be freaking out about Jose", per the Miami Herald.

Dr Heming added that in a worst case scenario, Jose could move down south over the Bahamas and maybe have an impact on the East Coast. Obviously, given this scenario, Jose will not play a role in Arklatex weather.

Residents Urged To Monitor Hurricane Jose