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Janet Yellen met with Ivanka Trump in July, calendar shows

12 Septembre 2017

Janet Yellen is among the contenders being considered by President Donald Trump to run the USA central bank after her current term as Federal Reserve chair expires in February, said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Yellen has declined to comment on whether she'd like to stay in the job, and while Donald Trump has not said anything publicly to signal he's decided against her, most economists polled by Bloomberg expect him to pick someone else. Yellen's term expires early next year.

"I'm working closely with the president on the issue. He hasn't made any decisions and that's one of the things he's still considering", Mnuchin said when asked if Yellen could be re-appointed. "The chair is obviously quite talented, and she's being considered, but there's a lot of great people that we've been meeting with and considering as well". Eight days after that breakfast, Trump told the Wall Street Journal that Yellen was "absolutely" in the running for the top Fed top.

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According to her July calendar, which the Fed posted on its website, Ivanka Trump had breakfast with Yellen at the Federal Reserve's headquarters July 17.

Yellen also had lunch with Gary Cohn, the director of the National Economic Council - and also someone considered to be a Fed chair candidate.

But Cohn criticized Trump's response to deadly violence by white supremacists at a rally last month in Virginia and media reports say he is no longer the frontrunner. The Fed declined to comment on the meeting.

Janet Yellen met with Ivanka Trump in July, calendar shows