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Instagram now lets you share Stories in direct messages

12 Septembre 2017

Facebook also announced on Tuesday that it will now allow for stories to be sent through Instagram DMs.

Instagram Stories has been growing at a rapid clip in the little over a year that it's been around for, with over 250 million daily active users and more than 50% of businesses on Instagram creating stories in the past month, according to the company.

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That means that Facebook advertisers will have access to the stickers, filters, and drawing tools that make for less polished ads that better blend in with user posts. "Being able to leverage what we see working well organically on Instagram Stories to effectively and more efficiently reach customers is a powerful tool to drive impact with social". "The lower the barrier to creating relevant and feed-optimized Instagram content, the more advertisers will be attracted to using their advertising tools". Placement Optimisation lets stories be added to any Facebook, Instagram, In-Stream, or Audience Network campaigns with the aim of maximising efficiencies across all placements. Now, Instagram is taking it a step further and will now allow you to share other people's Stories through Direct messages.

Stories have quickly grown to be a central part of the Instagram experience. Simply tap a direct icon at the bottom right, choose who you want to send the Story to, and hit send.

Instagram now lets you share Stories in direct messages