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Hurricane Irma Weakens To A Tropical Storm, But It's Still Dangerous

12 Septembre 2017

The area in orange around Irma shows the wind field for hurricane force winds.

The center of Hurricane Irma has now cleared the Cuban coast and entered the Florida Straits, where bathtub-warm water of almost 90 degrees (32 degrees Celsius) will enable the storm to intensify.

"Evacuations are not meant to be convenient, they're meant to be safe", Scott said.

Gimenez also said that, even though Palm Beach and Broward Counties (and a number of Miami-Dade municipalities) have ordered curfews for Saturday night, he did not call one because - as weather conditions become more unsafe - he did not want to put Miami-Dade County law enforcement in harm's way to enforce it.

A readout from the White House issued Saturday evening said Trump, Pence and the Cabinet were briefed on Hurricanes Irma and Jose.

The National Weather Service (NWS) said alerts for tornadoes were in place across southern Florida. Even as the storm tracked inland, cities along the Atlantic coast, such as Charleston and Savannah, saw strong offshore winds push water up into coastal rivers, flooding parts of their downtowns.

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In July, the Post published a front-page story documenting how the Bay area is the most vulnerable region in the United States to flood and damage if a major hurricane ever scores a direct hit.

First Irma slammed into the Florida Keys Sunday morning as a Category 4 hurricane, ripping roofs off of mobile homes and littering roads with debris.

A 2- to 4-foot storm surge is expected in the county and wind gusts could reach 100 miles per hour, said Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief.

As Hurricane Irma finally makes landfall in Florida, South Carolina emergency officials called for potential 60 mile-per-hour winds and dramatic storm surge when Irma eventually passes to the west of the state. Indian-Americans who own hotels have opened up their unreserved rooms and in many cases their banquet halls have been converted into makeshift dormitories for those who left their homes in Florida to escape from the wrath of the hurricane. More than 800,000 were without power in Miami-Dade County.

Five deaths have been reported in Florida in connection with Irma thus far, and at least 2 million people are without power. FEMA chief Brock Long said some areas of South Florida will not have electrical power for weeks.

Late Saturday, Hallandale Beach ordered residents of the De Soto Park South Condominiums to boil their water, as a precaution against drinking water dirtied during the storm. The storm maintained its power as a Category 4 storm as it made landfall. Mary Ellen Klas contributed from Tallahassee, and David Ovalle contributed from Key West.

Hurricane Irma Weakens To A Tropical Storm, But It's Still Dangerous