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Farewell Batman Arkham? The Voice of Bats Chimes In

12 Septembre 2017

You could attribute the growth of Warner Bros. Though he did star in all three games, Warner Bros. Not so, according to the voice of Batman Kevin Conroy.

It's not clear if Conroy was specifically referring to the Rocksteady-made, mainline Arkham series, or to the Arkham franchise as a whole.

Rocksteady's Arkham series came to a close with Arkham Knight, the final game in its Batman trilogy.

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A crowd member poised the question to Conroy during a panel, asking if Warner Bros. was hard at work on the next game in the Arkham series or if there were going to be plans to expand the ones now out there.

However, if Kevin Conroy, famed voice actor of Batman (and not just in the games, but across the animated series, movies, and more) is to be believed, there will be no new Batman: Arkham game. Conroy said that, 'there's no plan to do another one. Isn't that wonderful? It's... they made literally billions of dollars on those games.

That theory was not far from reality since the same happened with Batman: Arkham Origins in the past. Rocksteady has been adamant that they're done with the series (Minus the presumably massive bag of cash that they were offered for Batman: Arkham VR), while Batman: Arkham Origins failed to set up a prequel-series of its own. Montreal only got one chance to create a caped crusader adventure.

Farewell Batman Arkham? The Voice of Bats Chimes In