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Dog 'ate crack' and killed owner in front of BBC film crew

12 Septembre 2017

The terrible incident was seen but not filmed by journalists, who were in the North London flat of Perivoitos filming a BBC documentary called Drug Map of Britain when Perivoitos began having a seizure and lay down on his bed.

An inquest at North London's coroners court heard the behaviour could have been triggered by crack cocaine. It is nearly impossible to say whether that will make the dog attack, but it does make them respond abnormally.

Nicholas Carmichael, an expert in veterinary toxicology, said that although it might never be determined for sure as to what caused Major to behave the way he did, drugs may have played a significant role in putting him in a less-than-jovial mood. "The body included injuries to the neck and face with extensive hemorrhaging and the larynx was crushed", Pathologist Dr. Julie Higgins, said. They become very excited and agitated.

The coroner noted that Perivoitos had taken cocaine and had probably had an epileptic fit, which caused the dog to attack.

The film crew called an ambulance and tried to help as the dog attached itself to Perivoitos' neck, with the programme's producer, Joshua Haddow, eventually managing to wrestle Major off his owner; but it was too late to save him.

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Perivoitos had been filming a BBC documentary called Drugs Map Britain. Also, Senior Coroner Andrew Walker stated that the official conclusion of death was a effect of injuries received from a dog. The dog's owner had also taken cocaine before his dog mauled him, according to The Telegraph.

"The dog had clearly taken it and, whether it had eaten it or taken it in by smoke, it is likely to have been a factor in the dog's behaviour", Carmichael added. After it had seriously injured his face, Perivoitos was taken to a north London hospital where he succumbed to his fatal wounds after a couple of hours.

Walker thanked the BBC crew for their attempts to save Perivoitos.

Police confirmed to the inquest that the dog was to be put down.

Dog 'ate crack' and killed owner in front of BBC film crew