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AT&T expands free HBO to more subscribers

12 Septembre 2017

To sum up what's happening, likely in retaliation to T-Mobile's offering of free Netflix for ONE family plan customers, any customer with an Unlimited Choice plan will have access to HBO for free, starting September 15.

Unlimited Choice customers who currently subscribe to AT&T's video services like DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW or U-verse TV will get HBO for free.

After throwing in unrestricted access to premium HBO entertainment for its generous Unlimited Plus customers at no additional cost nearly six months ago, America's second largest cellular company is now expanding the freebie to thrifty Unlimited Choice subscribers as well.

Thankfully, AT&T details how you can access your HBO.

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Customers with an existing AT&T video service will have HBO added for no extra charge to their existing plan, while current HBO subscribers will just no longer have to pay, the announcement explains.

And don't worry, these apps support Google Cast, so getting your shows up on the big screen in your house shouldn't be an issue. While price is obviously the first difference, AT&T is, dare I say it, kinda rude when it comes to your data speeds and video streaming experience.

In April, the company bundled free HBO service with its "Unlimited Plus" coverage, its most expensive data plan.

AT&T expands free HBO to more subscribers