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5 things the new Apple TV needs to have besides 4K

12 Septembre 2017

The last Apple TV - the fourth-gen box launched in 2015 - was left in the dust of rivals such as the Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and Roku due to its expense and lack of supported apps, so we've been waiting for Apple to settle the score ever since.

Indeed that task looks promising.

Apple also announced that it will team up with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for 4K HDR original content on iTunes.

Two years after Apple's attempt to reboot its TV ambitions, the company introduced a new version of its streaming device and a signficant update to the software that powers it.

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Apple TV will also expand its forays into live streaming, something for which Apple TVs have not been widely used. The Apple TV 4K splits the difference at $179.

Apple was keen to point out that more local services will come to the platform this time, and we'll bring you more details of those in due course. It also supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10. As previously rumored, Apple confirms that it has been working with movie studios to bring big movie releases to the iTunes store in 4K and/or HDR; anyone who has previously bought one of these movies in non-4K will get an automatic, free upgrade to the better quality.

Eagle-eyed Apple watchers spotted an Apple TV-style device getting U.S. regulatory approval back in September 2016, and then the third-generation model was pulled from sale a month later, both signs that a new model could be on the way. Not only will it stream movies and TV in 4K, it also boasts some pretty significant upgrades inside.

Apple now seems keen on updating all of its various software OSes - macOS, iOS, tvOS - at the same time, and again WWDC in the summer is the event to look out for. There's also plenty of 4K/60FPS content on YouTube to help you get a taste of the format.

5 things the new Apple TV needs to have besides 4K