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Tesla Wirelessly Upgraded Owners' Batteries to Help Flee Irma

11 Septembre 2017

Even the basic Tesla Model S 60 has a range of 200 miles - but the extra boost could be the difference between being stranded or making it home safely.

We reached to Tesla and a representative confirmed that the company has put in place the emergency measure to temporarily extend the range of the vehicles of Tesla owners in the path of Hurricane Irma. Some drivers only buy 60 or 70 kilowatt hours of battery capacity, but a software change will give them access to 75 kilowatt hours of battery life until Saturday.

Tesla has been unlocking the full battery pack of their current Model S and Model X vehicles, in both 60 and 60D vairants, from their stock 60 kWh to the larger 75 kWh.

As first noticed by Tesla owners on Reddit, the company has pushed a "temporary update" to vehicles within the evacuation zones that bumps the 60kWh models up to 75kWh. That could be done with a simple, over-the-air update.

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TESLA owners escaping Hurricane Irma have been given extra electric range thanks to a free wireless SOS update. For a drive to Detroit or New York City, as many as two charge stops could be eliminated.

There are a lot Tesla owners in Florida and they are also escaping north using the Supercharger network. But, as with those depending on gas stations across Florida, Tesla owners had to contend with Supercharger stations that could face lines of frantic motorists fleeing the storm.

The 60D Model X and the 60 and 60D Model S vehicles were introduced a year ago as a cheaper version of the higher end vehicles. It will be disabled approximately 16-17 September.

The automaker no longer sells the base versions of its Models S and X, incidentally, finding that demand was relatively light.

Tesla Wirelessly Upgraded Owners' Batteries to Help Flee Irma