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Facebook is testing Tinder-like Meet-up Feature on Messenger

09 Septembre 2017

Facebook is now working on introducing a new Tinder-like feature on the Facebook Messenger which will help you socialize with your friends. So, this is not like the actual Tinder feature, but somehow it will work like that.

In recent times, Facebook has revealed several new features that are clones of other social media apps, like Stories from Snapchat. As of now, it is not known whether Messenger users will have an option to opt out of it. So is this enticing enough to make us finally use Facebook again? No.

Facebook already knows your friends, friends of friends and basically everything you like. "We look forward to hearing people's feedback", said Facebook.

Hopefully there's at least some overlap where you'd really like to see some friendships rekindled: otherwise, what's the point in having Facebook "friends" at all.

At the moment the testing appears to be limited to users in Toronto, Canada, as well as New Zealand for both iOS and Android users. Facebook is reportedly asking people if they would like to meet up with a particular person.

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Facebook is also looking to get you closer to some of the friends you already have in the app. Motherboard reports that a new feature is bringing some Tinder-like functionality to Messenger, allowing users to connect if they both indicate that they're interested in hanging out. Facebook seems to think that this would be a good idea to do the same... between friends.

There is no any clear information or official words about this new Tinder-like meet up feature from Facebook.

Facebook told the publication that it was testing this feature with select users.

With its help, users are able to meet in real life.

But we can also imagine it emboldening shy or distant friends to overcome misplaced fears to start being more sociable generally. You can respond with a Yes or a No Thanks, and you'll be notified only if both parties answer positively.

Facebook is testing Tinder-like Meet-up Feature on Messenger