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Man rapes stroke victim at Bronx hospital

05 Septembre 2017

A female patient with a brain injury was raped in a NY hospital, police said.

According to the sources gathered from the New York Post, a nurse first observed the in-human incidence when she entered the cabin to check in the female patient.

A registered nurse at the hospital was checking on the 32-year-old patient around 7:45 p.m. Friday when she walked in on Keith Nembhard, 37, having sex with the incapacitated woman, police said.

Staff at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital immediately called security, who detained the man before officers arrived.

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital was at the centre of another serious incident in June when Dr Henry Bollo shot dead a colleague and injured six others after going on a shooting spree.

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The police have now charged the culprit with second-degree rape.

Police were told by doctors that the severity of her injuries meant there was no way she could have consented to sexual intercourse.

Nembhard apparently knew the unnamed victim prior to the alleged rape.

Bello, 45, then tried to light himself on fire, but when that didn't work he stumbled over to the female doctor he had killed and turned the gun on himself, according to the Daily Mail.

Man rapes stroke victim at Bronx hospital