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Mattis US Prepared for 'Massive Military Response'

04 Septembre 2017

He called on leader Kim Jong Un to heed the UN Security Council, which was to discuss the test Monday, and stressed the U.S. was "not looking to the total annihilation of a country", but had "many options to do so".

The White House said President Donald Trump recently spoke with Abe to discuss "ongoing efforts to maximize pressure on North Korea".

Trump called North Korea's nuclear test, its biggest to date, "very hostile and risky to the United States" and said his administration was considering sweeping new economic sanctions to pressure China and every other country that trades with North Korea.

Mattis told reporters: "Any threat to the U.S. or its territories, including Guam, or our allies will be met with a massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming".

Defence Secretary Jim Mattis' comments on a potential massive military response by the United States following North Korea's detonation of a hydrogen bomb yesterday came after President Donald Trump called an emergency meeting of his national security advisers. She said it had moved the country closer to "the final goal of completing the state nuclear force".

North Korean nationals could also be prevented from working overseas, and its top officials could be subjected to an asset freeze.

South Korea will hold a National Security Council meeting Sunday to discuss the incident, according to South Korea's Presidential office.

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Kim Jong Un should take heed of the United Nations Security Council's unified voice.

US President Donald Trump was briefed on all possible military options against North Korea during a meeting with his national security team, Mattis said.

In a statement, the presidential Blue House retorted: "Korea is a country that experienced a fratricidal war". It said that China's firm stance, as well as the common goal of the global community, was achieving denuclearisation on the Korean Peninsula, protecting the nuclear non-proliferation mechanism and maintaining peace and stability in northeast Asia. No U.S. military action appeared imminent, and the immediate focus appeared to be on ratcheting up economic penalties, which have had little effect thus far.

South Korea said in a statement that the military has strengthened monitoring and readiness and is considering a variety of responses that could be pursued with help from the U.S.

The US defence secretary was the one chosen to issues the United States' first official response on camera and General Mattis' statement was a clear and measured warning. But most analysts disputed the claim, saying that the explosive yield was too small to be from such a device, which would be far more powerful than the atomic bombs it had previously tested. Cruise missiles, such as Tomahawks, fired from Aegis destroyers or fighter jets would get the enemy missile clearly waiting to be fired, or just after blastoff from a North Korean launch site, before it could approach Japan.

In response, Mr Trump has warned Pyongyang that it faces "fire and fury", and that Washington's weapons are "locked and loaded".

Trump, asked by a reporter during a trip to church services if he would attack the North, said: "We'll see".

Mattis US Prepared for 'Massive Military Response'