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Nurse dragged from hospital by police, caught on video

01 Septembre 2017

The July 26 footage, released Thursday, shows Alex Wubbels, a nurse at University Hospital in Salt Lake City, in a standoff with Detective Jeff Payne over whether the officer could draw blood from a patient who was unconscious following a vehicle crash.

Alex Wubbels was working as a charge nurse at the University of Utah Hospital when Police Detective Jeff Payne demanded a blood sample from a truck driver who was hospitalized after a vehicle crash on July 26, Deseret News reported.

After several minutes, Wubbels shows Payne and the other officer a printout of the hospital's policy on obtaining blood samples from patients.

Before she was a nurse, Wubbels was an Olympic athlete, competing in the 1998 and 2002 Winter Olympics when her name was Alex Shaffer.

With that remark (which happens around the six-minute mark), Payne seems to lose his temper completely, grabbing ahold of the nurse, pinning her arms behind her back and pulling her out of the building as she screams "This is insane!" and sobs. "I can't sit on this video and not attempt to speak out both to re-educate and inform", she told the newspaper.

An internal investigation is now underway.

Payne, meanwhile, has been suspended from the department's blood-draw program, but remains on-duty as an investigation is conducted, Salt Lake City Police Sgt. Brandon Shearer told the Salt Lake Tribune.

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"I either go away with blood in vials or body in tow", Payne says in the video. Shearer said Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown had seen the video and called it "very alarming", according to the Deseret News.

'The only job I have as a nurse is to keep my patients safe. "Why is he so angry?" she asks, sounding near tears.

She said she thinks the video shows that police officers regularly try to intimidate and bully healthcare workers.

Payne is soon shown handcuffing the woman and placing her in the front seat of a police vehicle. "So, take your hand off her, please".

Detective Payne cited a now-outdated "implied consent" law to make his case, it said. A blood draw - it gets thrown around there like it's some simple thing - but blood is your blood, it's your property, ' Wubbels told the Today show.

Porter said what is just as disturbing are comments caught on Payne's body camera video while he was talking to another officer. "I mean, there are so many things wrong with that statement I can't even begin".

"I can't believe this!" "If that's not something that's going to happen and there is refusal to acknowledge the need for growth and the need for re-education, then we will likely be forced to take that type of step".

Nurse dragged from hospital by police, caught on video