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Hell's mayor bans straight people and gets impeached in one day

01 Septembre 2017

He paid £100 to become mayor for the day (something anyone visiting Hell can do) in a town to make a political statement against Donald Trump's Muslim ban in the US. "We want to ensure that we are not admitting into our town the very heterosexual threats we are fighting against".

"I am establishing new vetting measures to keep radical heterosexuals out of our town", Daniel wrote. "We only want to admit those into our town who will support our town and love deeply our people.Together we will make Hell Great Again".

The Mayor of Hell has been impeached - after announcing a ban on straight people on his first day in office. Daniel told The Huffington Post that he spent two days looking for a quick, easy place to hold a higher office until he came across Hell.

He described the threats as follows: "the straights coming into our town, procreating, having more straight children to take our rightfully gay jobs".

"Any heterosexuals now residing in Hell will instead be charged an $84,000 reproductive precautionary deposit, which will be returned after one year of abstinence from any heterosexual activities".

In addition, Mayor Daniel even offered to give more chances to the heterosexuals of Hell.

"Reparative therapy" to find one's gay side was also to be strongly encouraged.

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Prior to Daniel's ultimate fallout from his first and last impeachable offense, he posted an image to Twitter of the newly drafted ordinance.

Perhaps the funniest part of the whole experience was how enraged straight people became over being oppressed for a couple of hours.

A popular YouTube personality named Elijah Daniel found out firsthand just how vicious politics can be.

He joked: This will not affect my presidential run.

And it appears Daniel has sweet memories of his time in the MI community.

Elijah Daniel fictional account of Donald Trump's tryst between himself and a bellboy has gone missing from Amazon, but the title was a "yuge" success when it debuted a year ago.

Hell's mayor bans straight people and gets impeached in one day