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Comcast's Cohen: Congress should end FCC's 'Groundhog Day' on net neutrality

01 Septembre 2017

"Many consumers can not switch providers even if they learn that their broadband provider interferes with the internet's openness in a way that they oppose", Apple said.

"With the FCC public comment period closing, all eyes shift to Congress: will our lawmakers represent us and speak out against the FCC's plan to gut protections for free speech and innovation, or will they use this opportunity to launch a cynical attack on internet users" rights under the guise of "compromise' legislation?"

Incompas claims that the large, wireline broadband providers will gain power to serve as gatekeepers with the ability and incentive to harm both consumers and edge providers by unfairly interfering with internet traffic. Apple believes internet providers should disclose their traffic management policies to consumers, a move which could help consumers make informed choices about their broadband services. But thanks to a weakness in the interface that the FCC published for citizens to file comments on proposed rule changes, there's a lot more interesting-and potentially malicious-content now flowing onto one FCC domain.

AT&T undercut the idea that companies like Amazon and Netflix share a level playing field.

In all, the FCC received 21.9 million filings responding to the "Restoring Internet Freedom" docket, surpassing the 4 million it received before the 2015 rules were adopted. The company told the FCC to keep rules in place and not allow online fast lanes.

Phishing attack lures $12M from Alberta university's pockets
The university said its legal counsel in Montreal, London, and Hong Kong is pursing civil action to recover the money. MacEwan University is out almost $12 million due to an online fraud scam, they said Thursday in a release.

Separately and notably, Apple said it would be willing to accept a solution on net neutrality laws that didn't involve Title II language, according to an FCC filing obtained by Multichannel News.

Pai argues that the Obama FCC overreached when it reclassified broadband as a telecom service, akin to a regulated utility, rather than as an information service, which receive little oversight from the government.

The FCC's comment page appears to have been flooded by fake, often identical, comments in support of repeal.

The revelation comes after left-wing activists online were hoaxed into thinking that the FCC had issued a statement calling Chairman Ajit Pai a "filthy spineless cuck".

"As I said previously, the raw number is not as important as the substantive comments that are in the record", Pai said at a press conference following the July monthly FCC meeting.

Comcast's Cohen: Congress should end FCC's 'Groundhog Day' on net neutrality