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'Shovel Knight: King of Cards' (ALL) Announced

31 Août 2017

But all good things must come to an end, and today, during the Nintendo "Nindies" video presentation, Yacht Club Games revealed the final chapter in the Treasure Trove saga - the King of Cards! He's not a king, he's a knight who's kingly, and that's ridiculous and stupid and it sets the bar for your expectations of what the game is and what the knights are.

That's King Knight, all right, unmistakably.

The trio of Shovel Knight expansion titles is coming to its close, and to mark the royal engagement we've gotten a first look at King Knight's gilded globetrot. His campaign is going to be a big departure from the very tragic story that Specter Knight was, but it will be interesting and focused on his journey to becoming King Knight.

King of Cards is a prequel that will tell the story of how King Knight ascended to the throne. "King of Cards", the new campaign will take this regal rapscallion through four new worlds and over 30 new courses to take on the land's "Three Kings".

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Yacht Club also gives us some more detailed features that will be unique to King of Cards compared to the other Shovel Knight campaigns.

Collect tons of new weapons, armors, abilities, and followers to look your dandiest as you pummel foes with radiant skill.
Design, art, and audio hearken back to the days of 8-bit.

Take on a new challenge and uncover all of the world's secrets with New Game+!
There's even a card-battle minigame that will test your skills in a different fashion than what you're used to in Shovel Knight.

'Shovel Knight: King of Cards' (ALL) Announced