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Musharraf Declared Fugitive as Pakistan Jails Two Officers in Bhutto Murder Case

31 Août 2017

Former Pakistani President and Army chief Pervez Musharraf was today declared an absconder in the Benazir Bhutto murder case, Pakistani media reported.

They were set to walk free almost 10 years after they were first arrested, though a defence lawyer said it was not yet clear when they would be released. "Why would we investigate those who were inside the vehicle?" the prosecutor asked.

The FIA prosecutor argued that if there were discrepancies regarding the dates of the arrests of the suspects, the fault lies with the police, not the FIA.

The trial of the five began in February 2008. After the PPP won the election in the same year, the case was handed over to FIA, ANI added.The agency's special prosecutor in the case was killed by unknown assailants in 2013. 23 Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) workers had also died in the attack.

In November 2008, an ATC indicted Aitzaz Shah, Sher Zaman, Abdul Rasheed, Rafaqat Hussain and Hasnain Gul for killing, hatching a criminal conspiracy to kill, abetting the perpetrators, using illegal explosive material and spreading terrorism.

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The truth is that Bhutto was targeted for deviating from U.S. policy, said Khalid, adding that there were no explosives in the suicide jacket that the suspects had submitted for DNA testing. Moreover, the suspect's DNA report has not been submitted to the court, he said.

Meanwhile, former CPO Saud Aziz and SP Khurram Shahzad have been sentenced to 17-year prison respectively.

The statements of those injured in the attack have yet to be recorded and the post mortem of the bodies was not done, the lawyer pointed out.

It merits to mention here that erstwhile president Pervez Musharraf is also a suspect in the case, who has remained absconding since the beginning. The police presented three challans before the court, whereas the FIA presented five.

Imtiaz said that the crime scene was washed after merely an hour in order to wipe out evidence and the area wasn't cordoned off as per the standard procedure worldwide.

Musharraf Declared Fugitive as Pakistan Jails Two Officers in Bhutto Murder Case