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Blue Whale Challenge Killed One More Teenager In Tamil Nadu

31 Août 2017

19-Year Old College Student Commits Suicide Due To Blue Whale Challenge:- A 19-year-old college student hanged himself to death when he was alone at home, at Mottamalai area near Madurai on Wednesday evening. The image of a Blue Whale along with the words Blue Whale was found carved on his left fore-arm.

A 17-year-old Russian girl has been arrested in the Khabarovsk Krai region of Russia for allegedly being the mastermind of destructive game 'Blue whale challenge. His father is a daily wage earner while Vignesh was a second-year commerce student at a private college. "Once you enter, you can never exit". "We have found a mobile phone near the student's body and experts were scanning it", the police said.

According to his friends, Vignesh had been spending more time than usual on his phone for the past few days.

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The Blue Whale Challenge that reportedly involves 50 challenges ends with the player jumping off a building.

The game is run by a group of "moderators" who come in contact with potential "players" and issue them instructions to perform 50 tasks, either on the day of the task or in advance. The final challenge is to commit suicide. "Further investigation is underway in the case", said Madurai SP Manivannan. He said in his interview that "he was firing people who don't possess any value to society, harm other people and spreads disturbance", as per the reports of NDTV.

After the sinister "game" was suspected to have claimed three lives in India the Indian government on August 15 directed Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo to remove links to the Blue Whale challenge immediately.

Blue Whale Challenge Killed One More Teenager In Tamil Nadu