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11 unforgettable animal rescues in brutal aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

31 Août 2017

They are the ones on the front lines taking in evacuated pets impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Across hurricane-ravaged Texas, pet owners, neighbors and good Samaritans are doing what they can to rescue four-legged friends. The organization says the best thing to do right now is donate money to animal groups, in Houston.

Loewe admitted they didn't expect to fill up so quickly.

Tens of thousands more have been forced to leave their homes, leaving many possessions behind. Volunteers are working to give pet owners what they need.

"We've already asked our current foster families, which we've got over 600 of, 'can you take one more?'" he said.

Missions of Mercy are being flown around South Texas and Louisiana to empty animal shelters and make room for hundreds of dogs and cats displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Frankfurt to evacuate 60000 people to defuse British WWII bomb
This could depend on the wind conditions prevailing on Sunday when the moves to defuse the bomb are under way, they said. That would make the discovery of an unexploded bomb in Frankfurt relatively unsurprising-if not for its sheer size.

Now there are hundreds of animals without a home. The Spokane Humane Society is anticipating another transport later in September as more animals are recovered.

"You fall in love. But I imagine it will be tough, especially in the evenings, at least more me".

Seattle Humane says the relationships don't have to be temporary. The dogs will be adoptable in a few days after undergoing medical and behavioral evaluations.

The pets all of the organizations take in will eventually be available for adoption. They are going to be needed help so we know we are in a position to help.

Pasado's Safe Haven in Sultan is one of the groups standing by to assist. We've also stayed in close contact with our Emergency Placement Partners, who are also ready to help should the need arise.

That was the heartbreaking question thousands of people living along the gulf coast of the United States have had to face over the past few days.

11 unforgettable animal rescues in brutal aftermath of Hurricane Harvey