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Texas Man Reconnects With Father After Hurricane Harvey

30 Août 2017

Aaron Mitchell had been desperately trying to make contact with his father ever since the deadly storm destroyed his home in Aransas Pass, Texas.

Mitchell said he has been without cell service for multiple days and has not been able to speak with his parents to let them know he is OK. Haven't gotten hold of anybody. "If my mom and dad are watching I'm ok".

During the interview, Mitchell said his mom was in Oklahoma but said there was no telling where his dad was. However, about 30 minutes after he first appeared on CNN, Mitchell was able to talk to his father via a satellite phone.

After presenting his story to CNN, Mitchell was then provided a satellite phone by the network on which he was able to connect with his father.

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Footage shows him breaking down in tears after hearing his father's voice.

During the increasingly emotional phone call, Mitchell can be heard saying, "OK, Dad, I'm going to jump on a bus". I'll be there, ' he said. "I'll be there", an emotional Mitchell said to his father.

A county judge says that death toll is likely to rise as some five-thousand people in Rockport rode out the storm in their homes. "I think our crew here felt one of those". "This is my first hurricane, so I'm scared". "I love you, dad", Mr Mitchell tells his father.

Texas Man Reconnects With Father After Hurricane Harvey