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Russian journalist Kurbatova to be deported from Ukraine - SBU

30 Août 2017

Russia hopes for the worldwide nongovernmental organizations and other agencies will offer a reaction to the outrages against reporters on the part of the Ukrainian authorities, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary on the arrest of Channel One Russia's reporter Anna Kurbatova.

"The Ukrainian Security Service of Ukraine told the Ukrayinska Pravda that "everything is happening within the framework of the legislation".

"The abduction of Channel 1 journalist Anna Kurbatova in Kiev on August 30 and her forced deportation to Russian Federation is not an incident, but a purposeful provocation initiated by Ukrainian law enforces and radical nationalists", the ministry said.

August 30 came the information that in Kiev kidnapped journalist Anna Kurbatov.

"Le Maroc va adopter la future monnaie de la CEDEAO" — Da Souza
Elles porteront sur l'adaptation au traité et du traité lui-même (il y aura un traité additionnel portant élargissement au Maroc).

"Anna Kurbatova has been kidnapped in central Kiev and we can not get in touch with her", a Channel One news anchor said. "We do not know anything about the fate of Anna Kurbatova, we cannot contact her", the TV news anchorwoman said on air on Wednesday.

"She will be deported for the report that she produced on Ukraine's Independence Day", the source said. In the SBU stated that she is deported to Russian Federation.

Ukraine celebrated Independence Day last Thursday, which coincided with a visit by US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and a military parade in Kiev involving US troops. It featured interviews with people critical of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Russian journalist Kurbatova to be deported from Ukraine - SBU