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What Is Lorde Doing in Her VMAs Performance? Please Let Us Know

28 Août 2017

The Aussie songstress stormed the stage and remained silent during her performance of Homemade Dynamite!

But why didn't Lorde sing tonight? Opting to not so much as lip-sync to her "Homemade Dynamite", her loose interpretive dancing to her recording reminded me of that of someone who had once heard about Kate Bush in a noisy room but instead of watching her for inspiration, made a decision to recreate based on a description.

She had the support of her fans behind her. I guess I'm just shocked because I'm so used to hearing Lorde's signature rasp whenever she hits the stage. Needless to say, the Internet had a field day reacting to the curly-haired beauty's odd performance.

Lorde with some sort of interpretive dance instead of, you know, singing. "This is just confusing".

Instead of singing live, as is customary at awards shows, she opted to dance around to the track while her backing song played, and did so with the kind of jubilance that is an utter joy to watch.

Il sauve son petit frère grâce à The Rock
Touché par ce geste, Dwayne Jonhson a vite réagi sur les réseaux sociaux et a félicité le jeune garçon pour son acte héroïque . Quel garçon courageux (et calme) de 10 ans face à cette grande détresse", a-t-il indiqué.

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Dressed in an aluminum-like strapless mini with trousers and kicks, she looked a little '80s prom queen as she placed a cassette tape into an old school boombox by her feet.

Props to the singer for fighting through her illness. She even referred to herself as a #cutelilproppedupcorpse.

The New Zealand-born artist claimed that although she may not look it, "I have the flu so bad I needed an IV".

"We love you babe!"