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North Korea Launches Three Short-Range Missiles

28 Août 2017

Kim Dong-yub, a former South Korean military official who is now an analyst at the Seoul-based Institute for Far Eastern Studies, said that the South Korean assessment does not necessarily contradict the United States evaluation that the launches involved ballistic missiles.

Later on Saturday, the South Korean Presidential Blue House said the North may have fired an upgraded 300-mm caliber multiple rocket launcher but the military was still analyzing the precise details of the projectiles.

North Korea launched three missiles into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan this morning, reigniting tensions after a month of heated rhetoric between Pyongyang and Washington. It is clear from these developments and the North's nuclear program that the objective of these missiles is to arm them with nukes in case of a war with the US. North Korea claimed it achieved that milestone after a nuclear test a year ago. US Pacific Command updated their "failed in flight" comments in a statement, reports The Daily Caller. Trump warned that he would unleash "fire and fury" if the North continued its threats.

North Korea has warned the United Kingdom faces a "miserable end" if it joins the ongoing tensions on the peninsula.

South Korea's president, Moon Jae-in, had been informed, Yonhap said.

Britain has been warned by North Korea it faces a "miserable end" if United Kingdom troops take part in military exercises alongside those from South Korea and the U.S. It earlier said that the third missile appears to have blown up immediately.

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The U.S. Pacific Command issued a statement shortly after the launch, saying that one of the missiles blew up within moments of launch.

Lee Il-Woo, an analyst at Korea Defence Network, said the launches represented a "low-level provocative act" carried out in response to the US-South Korea exercises, which are seen by Pyongyang as a rehearsal for an invasion of its own territory. In July, it launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, which North Korea claims could reach "anywhere in the world".

North Korea's state media published photographs late on Wednesday of leader Kim Jong Un standing next to a diagram of a three-stage rocket it called the Hwasong-13.

However, throughout the duration of the current crisis, the alliance between America and Japan has remained steadfast, as the US and Japan have led efforts to contain the threat posed by Kim Jong-un. "I respect the fact that he is starting to respect us", Trump said of Kim.

The rival Koreas recently saw their always testy relationship get worse after Pyongyang and President Donald Trump traded warlike threats.

However, the U.S. Pacific Command said the projectiles were apparently ballistic missiles.